At ReBreading we believe that bread has the power to transform lives and our mission is to transform the world of bread and bakery products by re-branding bread to improve its quality, nutritional aspects and sustainability.

The aim is to increase awareness of the importance of sustainability and promote good practices in the bread-making industry by educating in-potentia bakers and educators and providing sustainability tools to new professional bakers. Reducing food waste in the artisan sector is our main goal!


  • Educate people on sustainable practices in the bread-making industry.

  • Provide sustainability tools to new professional bakers.

  • Increase awareness of the importance of sustainability in the bakery field.

  • Reduce food waste in the bread-making sector.

  • Create a curriculum for in-potentia bakers to promote environmental awareness, empowering bakers to become more sustainable and green agencies.

  • Improve collaboration and expand networks.

  • Enhance pre-existing knowledge of bakery practices and identify sustainable challenges.

ReΒreading in Numbers

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new professional bakers, educators, and local stakeholders
participating in the activities of Re-Breading, including local Bread Festivals and the Final Conference.


new professional bakers and VET educators of the baking sector
participating directly in Learning, Teaching and Training activity of Re-Breading.

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will be registered and use Re-Breading Online Platform by 2024.

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VET Institutions and other organizations, stakeholders, and experts
in the field of VET education and sustainable agents who will benefit through trainings and multiplier events.

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