About Re-Breading

ReBreading is a collaborative initiative that brings together an array of experts, including master bakers, food scientists, nutritionists, educational institutions, and sustainability enthusiasts. Our joint efforts under the Erasmus+ KA2 project aim to unlock the true potential of bread, making it not only delicious but also healthier and more sustainable.


Overall, it is estimated that the adoption and application of intergenerational learning methods and tools in adult learning will facilitate the transmission of knowledge and skills among adult learners from different age groups, while at the same time it will enrich adult educators’ skills and competences, so that they can handle the challenges that have occurred in the field of adult learning more effectively.


Extending and developing the competences of adult educators and other personnel who support adult learners in diverse sectors and activities.


Promoting innovative pedagogies and methods for teaching, learning and assessment that allow the exchange of knowledge and skills among intergenerational groups including the use of digital skills in creative, collaborative and efficient ways.


Promoting the internationalisation of adult education and the growing use of digital learning.


Supporting the creation of flexible learning pathways in line with adult learners’ needs across the EU.

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